Engines OVERHEAT – IT HAPPENS IN SECONDS – resulting in expensive engine repairs and/or even write offs.

ENGINE GUARD is an AUDIBLE Engine, Transmission, Oil Temperature Alarm and a Voltage & Low Oil Pressure Alarm
Suitable for ALL cars, vans, 4×4, trucks, busses, heavy duty equipment, tractors, generators (water & air cooled), motorbikes, boats – even light aircraft.
DONT RISK IT! PROTECT IT TODAY! Engine Guard is insurance for engines!
The Engine Guard system displays your TRUE engine & transmission temperatures and alarms with a Loud Buzzer and Flashing Display if an overheating emergency threatens your engine or transmission, it can even switch-on or switch-off functions to the engine before damage occurs!
There are many issues that cause an engine to overheat and the end result is engine damage with repair costs into the thousands of Rands, if there is no warranty or insurance, YOU pay the repair bill and YOU have to do without your vehicle until it is fixed.
With Engine Guard installed on your vehicle, once your engine starts to overheat you get warned – loud and clear! Due to the fact that the ENGINE TEMP is being monitored and NOT the temp of the coolant – there are no false readings with Engine Guard!
Engine Guard is SIMPLE to install and detects ALL the causes of transmission and engine overheating, not just coolant loss. These include:
• Leaking hoses
• Split radiators
• Faulty radiator caps
• Sticky thermostats
• Water pump failure
• Coolant blockages
• Air flow restrictions
• Oil system problems
Call us on the number below to speak with us directly and get your engine protected today. Fleet solutions are also available.
Phone / Whattsapp Wayne on: 084 678 4776
Email: wayne@engine-guard.co.za
Website: www.engine-guard.co.za

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